Pictures from the Past- Photo Antiquities Field Trip

This morning we had the great privilege of touring the Photo Antiquities Museum of Photography on the North Side. Bruce Klein, the founder himself, guided us through his extensive exhibits of vintage photography and equipment. There is truly an enormous amount of history packed into this little gem of a museum that is tucked away on East Ohio Street. A visit there is highly recommended, not just for photography enthusiasts, but history and art buffs as well.

So, why the field trip there this morning? Photo Antiquities is going to have a miniature display set up throughout the run of Our American Cousin. Bruce and his Executive Director Frank Waters are hand-selecting from their collection vintage photographs from the 1860s era, including AUTHENTIC prints of Abraham Lincoln (really, 150-175 year old photos!). They will also be doing a short presentation for us before one of the evening’s performances (look out for the announcement on our Schedule of Events page).

If you’re curious about Photo Antiquities, and the amazing preservation work that they do, please visit their Website or give them a call at 412-231-7881. Tell them Steve and Lisa sent you!


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