Cousin Q&A

Have questions about any aspect of our upcoming production? Maybe someone has already asked, and here is where you can find the answer. If you don’t see the answer you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask us! Comment here on the site, or use our Facebook page.

How do I make a reservation?
Call 412-578-8749 and leave a DETAILED message (name, number of tickets, which ticket level, the date of the performance you plan to attend, and your contact info). You can also email the same information to Steve at Someone will get back to you to confirm!

Do I really need a reservation? Because I’m…(super-important, the President, a Carlow alum,  best friends with the person playing Skillet…etc.)
Reservations are highly recommended. We’ll leave it at that.

I’m a student, and I want to bring my grandparent. Do we get discounts?
You bet. Students (with an ID!) and Seniors (who choose to identify as such) will receive a $5 discount.

Where is the show?
Carlow University’s Antonian Theater. There will be an encampment of Civil War soldiers outside. You won’t be able to miss it.

When should I get there?
The curtain goes up at 8:00pm every night. There are two matinee performances (Saturday and Sunday) that will start at 2:00pm. Other events, such as speakers, weapons demonstrations, and other presentations will take place before curtain-time and will be announced on our Schedule of Events page and on our Facebook page. We want you to have the fullest experience possible! So please come with plenty of time to explore.

Where do I park?
Carlow has 3 parking lots that will be available for use: Lot A is located just PAST Carlow’s driveway entrance on Fifth Ave (specifically at the traffic light at the intersection with Craft Ave). Lot B is up at the top of Carlow’s driveway. Lot C is all the way up the driveway  and through Lot B, across Terrace Street.

My grandmother is in a wheelchair. Can she still come to the show?
Absolutely! There is a ramp that leads up from Lot A, and ramps and elevators inside the building. There will also be a great number of extremely kind and polite ushers and other stage hands that will me more than happy to assist you and grandma.

I found my great-great grandfather’s old Union uniform in the attic. Can I wear it to the show?
If you find anything of the sort in your attic, it should probably go to a museum. After you wear it to  our show, of course. Period attire is more than welcome!

I’m a Civil War reenactor! Do you need my help?
We are producing this show in conjunction with the 9th Pennsylvania Reserves, so we have a lovely and talented group of professionals helping us. You can contact them for more details on that aspect of the production (see our Links Page).


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